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The offspring of a customized orbiter
BOARDS Massive board range - All shapes, styles & designs.
WETSUITS Hurley, Billabong, Ripcurl, Xcel, O'Neil, Quiksilver, Roxy. The Coast's largest range of mens, ladies and kids wetsuits!
FASHION Clothing, Watches, Shoes and Accessories. All the latest fashion trends for the whole family!
BODYBOARDING Huge range of bodyboards and bodyboarding accessories.
SURF ACCESSORIES The most comprehensive range of surf accessories under one roof including fins, leggys, grips, covers & heaps more.

“This is your new all rounder. Like its namesake, The Shadow will be under your feet and by your side through all conditions.
We’ve given The Shadow a flatter rocker than your standard shortboard to keep you going when the waves are mush. A deep single concave with a slight vee through the tail helps generate speed, giving you that little bit extra push through those flat sections.
Contradicting this, we’ve thrown in a hip-squah tail, combined with a flat deck, dropping off to a mid rail which gives you the bite you need when the waves are a little more serious.”
Al Emery